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Why is Time Management important? 13 Tips - Daily Life Tips Why is Time Management important? 13 Tips - Daily Life Tips

Why is Time Management important? 13 Tips12 min read

Why is Time Management important?


You are the King/Queen of your life, and it is your responsibility to love your time rather than anything else. We have been heard this “time is money.” Do you really think that “time is money”? If yes, then time management is the soul of that statement.

It doesn’t matter that you are filthy rich or dirty poor. You have the same 24 hours of a day for work. But the way you utilize your time makes a difference in your life, so start loving your time and eliminate unwanted tasks.



do to list

For time management skills, you have to follow your To-Do list keenly. First, make sure that your To-do list covers all the important tasks of the day or not then start your day with the most important task of the day.

For example, you have a presentation at the office, so go through your pointers before a presentation is the most important task of your time management schedule, then you can check your mails while traveling for office by bus, train, or car. This is the most effective way to start your day instead of visiting Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

One more thing make your To-DO list in the evening for the next day.


Time management depends on the approach for your work. It depends on how wisely you do manage your tasks of schedule. Focus on your TO-DO list, and you will get better results.

In the TO-DO list, you have already priorities your work according to their need. Don’t leave your work for tomorrow. If you can give your work to someone, which is not important, then give him or her and focus on your main tasks.

If you have some urgent work that was not mentioned in your TO-DO list, then finish it on a prior basis and switch over to your schedule and finish all the tasks by the same day.


Work smarter that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard. But work hard for your smart work to make smarter. One study says after every 90 minutes, work gets 20 minutes break, which refreshes your mind and boosts your energy level. Remember, in this 20-minute break; you don’t need to visit social media. Because if you see that some posts or information, which can easily distract your mind for the next 90 minutes. Eventually, you will not be able to focus on your work, and you can spoil your target of the TO-DO list.


Even its bitter but true. If you need motivation, that means you don’t have much interest in particular work, that’s why you need some kind of motivation. The real inspiration comes from inside, you don’t have to rush here and there, but the burning desire won’t let you sleep.

If you don’t have a burning desire, then also you will get success. There is no rule to get success. Just keep trying until you reach your goal. Keep changing ways to reach your goal, but never change your goal. Try multiple ways and keep trying.

Here it is so simple to motivate yourself. Start your day with a smile and just think that it is a new day like a new blank page. Where you can start a new beginning without any influences of your past. I know it’s not as easy as it seems, but by practice, you will get the result gradually in 21 days of hard work.

If you carry your past grudges. A load of your past will continuously demotivate you. Those pieces of baggage will decrease your speed towards success. Those pieces of baggage will play a key role as hurdles to distract you from your goals.

Eventually, believe in now is the only key to keep yourself positive and motivate.



Stress is part of our life even you want it or not. We have to deal with our stress, which is an essential part of time management skills. We should be aware of how to deal with stress and not for a longer time. We have family, business, and social life and lots of unwanted things. In this kind of life, we cannot get rid of stress. We have to deal with it wisely to keep our time management table accurate. So accept that stress is there and deal with it by encouraging yourself and switch over to the other thing and keep yourself busy when it’s necessary, then get a break, don’t compromise with your health at the cost of your work. Finally, health is wealth.


Why is Time Management important? :CREATIVITY

We all have sort of goals in life. But it matters how creatively we work to pursue our goals. One study says that after every 90 minutes, we have to take a break of 15 to 20 minutes from our work.

But I can say from my experience if you really love your work from the bottom of your heart then believe me, you even wouldn’t realize how fast time is running. You just lost yourself with your work. You are working for 3-4 hours without any distractions and boredom.

Thats why for best time management skill I would prefer one of the most acclaimed writer TIM FERRISS’s book THE 4 HOUR WORKWEEK.

If you realize this while working, then believe me, “you” also enjoy “FLY MODE.” What is FLY MODE? In fly mode, you just fly with the wind like you must have seen a kite that flies above the clouds. A kite doesn’t use wings to fly when it reaches above the sky. It just goes with the wind and uses wings to balance. Like that, you just fall in love with your work, and you won’t realize when and how you have been reached in FLY MODE. Unless ecstasy for your work, you won’t even think for FLY MODE. It’s not just the love but more than it. So creative people always prefer peace over luxury or comfort.


Practice makes a man perfect and nobody is perfect. But still, we are trying to do our best in our daily lives. Time management depends on perfection. How perfectly and effectively you did your work, so you don’t need to spend your time again for that finished work, which was not actually finished. That’s why I’m saying finish your work properly so you don’t need to worry because you are much sure about the work that you did it with proper perfection, and it will become your habit, which enhances your level of attitude for work. For perfection, you have to focus; you have to give your best rather than only seeing the positive results in your work.


Why is Time Management important? : STOP MULTITASKING:

If you are a multitasker then believe me, you will reach late where you deserve soon. Multitask habit will not justify your time management schedule. It distracts you and creates hurdles for your focus on work. Your mind will become a monkey who jumps from one branch to another. And in this kind of scenery, you would not be able to focus on all kinds of works at the same time. So focus on one task at a time.

Do you know how multitasking habits will ruin your time management skill? The answer is so simple “it is as harmful as while driving you are texting someone. And the result you must know.

One more example, you work in an office. You are a social media guy who posts something everyday, in this case, you will get feedbacks and many replies and comments for your posts, and of course, being a human some of those you will not like and if you visit any social media account while working those replies or someone’s comment might coerce you defocus from your work. Now tell me what will happen if you get defocus, what about your time management, how will you justify your TO-DO list. That’s why I would prefer you to spare a slot for your social media stuff and stay focused on your work, which is going to create your lives.

By doing this, you are creating a nice work ethic rule, which helps you to make you stronger in time management, and you will get respect from your followers because they know this is your work time and how much priority you give to your work.


We all have been through procrastination, or maybe we are still in it. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of time management. Robin Sharma says, “Time management is life management.”

If you see technically, no one does procrastinate. We do love more pleasurable over fewer ones. So, we have to give a particular slot for more pleasurable things. Here it’s a matter of habit like you love watching movies and web series over your important work, this thing makes you defocus so don’t keep your laptop or mobile where you can reach easily. Keep a complicated password of your mobile, which you can’t remember easily with numeric, capital, special characters, etc. mix up all characters and make a stronger password. Whenever you want to unlock the mobile, you have to work hard for that. Regularly, your mind will say no to unlock mobile because our mind is not habituated to do such exercise, and you can reduce your movie mania addiction. And if you are a student, then keep your books in front of your eyes so whenever you want, just open it and start studying.

Nowadays, social media, games, parties, hang out with friends, night outs these kinds of activities are more in demand than others. If you do not control these activities, your interest will jump over from main work to these meaninglessness activities, which are not bad. They are necessary but not at the cost of our study or important work.

You are the creator of your life. No one can make your life brighter, happier or better you have to toil for that. Remember one thing you are the only responsible person for whatever is going in your life; you cannot blame anyone for that.

Don’t play blame game like my parents are poor, I didn’t finish my graduation, I don’t have money blah blah blah………stop saying these, it shows you know you can’t do it and digest your failure, and that is why you are making such kind of futile excuses to get rid of the responsibility and your unsuccessful life.

Instead of giving like on social media to someone’s story, make your own story to inspire the world, and your followers will post your story, and the world will know you with your work. So, tie up your shoe and get ready to run for your work, and work until you finish it. It’s now or never……😁


In time management, work ethics are most important tools. Like how you manage your work in small parts, whenever you make a TO-DO list, give proper time for each task, divide your work into achievable goals. It doesn’t matter how fast you finish your job but how much quality and perfection you have given to your work that is the most important thing in time management. You know very well what happens when you don’t finish your work. The load of half work carries on for another work. It increases day by day, and in pressure, you start making such silly mistakes, due to that your focus level goes down, and stress level comes up.


Why is Time Management important? : ME TIME:

It’s great to live in 21 century. In this era, we can connect with any friends or family members across the seas just by using fingertips. We are fortunate for that. We all have enough advantages of technologies in this era compared to other eras.

Along with these advantages, there are many disadvantages, like as we can connect to anyone, anyone can connect with you ANYTIME. It’s not necessary that you must be available to receive every call. It’s okay to miss the call the sometimes. Decide your time, spare quality time for your soul and look at your life from bird view and analyze it; where is it going.? Is this time to rethink your direction or not?

Because in today’s life, you can know many things through many sources, but you don’t have any sources where you meet with yourself.

In ME TIME, anything could be there, it depends on your choice, either you prefer heart to heart conversation with your spouse or playing with kids where you meet real yourself, here you open your heart and talk without any restrictions. So, ME TIME is that where you meet yourself, and that task could be anything, it’s up to your priorities and choices, no one can decide but you.


Why is Time Management important ?:ENTERTAINMENT:

Entertainment is the friendliest activity, where we chill with Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, and many more apps where you can spend your endless time, of course

we all like it, but it’s good if we use these for a limited time. It happens that once you start scrolling or watching a movie or some other funny stuff, then you keep watching and watching and so on. In this entertainment point, you have to be in limit, remember “NOTHING IS GOOD IF IT’S TOO MUCH.”

You can hang out with childhood friends, college friends, these are good sources of feeling good instead of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can go to a guitar class, dance class or anything else where you can learn new things, explore new hidden talents which keeps you young and happy by doing such things. See, there are many ways, but you decide which is the best suitable activity for you over stereotypes one.

Time management doesn’t mean you should keep running with time. But time management is in a real manner, life management. Once you learn how to manage your time, your time management skills will help you achieve every new height you aim for. You are only required to believe the process and have faith in yourself.

So, start your journey of Time Management today and experience the positive changes yourself.

Have a happy journey.

Love Love…….❤️

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