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The 4 hour workweek Book summary - Daily Life Tips The 4 hour workweek Book summary - Daily Life Tips

The 4 hour workweek Book summary2 min read

The 4 hour workweek Book summary

In the 4 workweek summary, I will share my knowledge and experience that I gained from Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4 hour workweek. This book gives you some worthy tips those are helpful in managing time and how you can live your life happily by doing creative and smart work, while you can enjoy the rest of the week doing your favorite things.        

The 4 workweekWe spend 20 years of our life studying and pursuing a degree based on which you apply for the job and work for another 40 years of your life gaining the priceless experience and then retire from the job to spend time with your family and live the life you’ve dreamt of living with family. This book will give you an overview of three stages of life concerning MONEY, TIME and ENERGY.      

So, writer Tim Ferriss defines life in three stages in his book, The 4 hour workweek.


Stage 1 is defined when are studying and pursuing your education, during this period of life you have plenty of TIME and ENERGY, but NO MONEY.

STAGE 2:        

Stage 2 is defined when you have a job, during this period you have MONEY and ENERGY, but NO TIME.


Stage 3 is the final stage when you retire from the job where you have worked for 40 years, and now you have plenty of MONEY and TIME, but NO ENERGY.

Hence, the writer suggests his readers to break this stereotype and grow in life.

Let’s have a look at an example of why this book is worth buying and reading.

I want to share writer’s thought in my words, here is an example.

There are two men named Ajay and Vijay. Ajay earns 40,000, and Vijay earns 60,000. It’s easy to identify who earns better, but this is where the writer proves us wrong. Ajay works for 20 days and earns 40,000 per month, and Vijay works for 24 days and earns 60,000 per month. Ajay’s per day income is calculated around 2000, and Vijay’s income is 2500 per day. Ajay works only for five hours a day while Vijay works for 8 hours a day. Ajay’s hourly income is 400, while Vijay’s hourly income is 312.

Reading this book will help you break the stereotype mentality. Dear readers, this book is perfect for you to understand the importance of MONEY, TIME and ENERGY.

All the interested readers are requested to visit the link given below to buy this excellent book.

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