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Nowadays procrastination is the biggest challenge for all of us, no matter whether you are students or business men, everyone has been through now and then once in their lives. So how to deal with it, how much you love your goals it depends on that.


There is a thin band between procrastination and laziness. Most people don’t understand what’s the difference between procrastination and laziness. When you don’t want to do anything that’s laziness but when you do some other work on behalf of such important work that’s called procrastination.


Procrastination is like you love something which is more pleasurable than less ones. If you prefer Netflix over your homework or office project that is procrastination. Means you love to do something but your major priority is not your manly important work which is going to make your life and career. So first find out your own way how can you convince yourself to make priorities work. Try to understand yourself that why do you love other things over your life changing work. What’s lacking in your work.?

How can you generate interest in your work.? First understand your habits, find out the way to reduce your squander things. Just think if you will not finish your work on deadlines then you can spoil your own image by your own behavior. You can lose your job and reputation as well which affects you for further upcoming jobs. You will lose your self esteem and drag down to depression which is really harmful from your career growth point of view.

So love your work over other just pleasurable things because they will give you short term pleasure but if you focus on your work you will get success and that will be the endless ecstasy. So roll up your sleeves and start making your career, it’s only in your hands, no matter whether you are filthy rich or dirty poor. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but it matters how you utilise those hours.


Sometimes we are just afraid of work then our brain stops loving that work and eventually that work becomes the biggest challenge of our work life, we begin to procrastinate, and this is the origin of procrastination in our lives. Whether you like it or not but you have to do it, that work pays you money and by that money you run your house and fulfill your family wishes, nothing is bigger than your family and money is not everything but it’s not lesser than everything. So simply love your work and find out the ways to do your work instead of procrastination. If you think this is too big task for you then simply divide in small parts like pizza, yes like pizza no one eats pizza in a bite, but you cut that pizza in six or eight slices and finish 2 to 4 pizza at a time, so apply this same strategy for your work too.


See if you want to do your work you have to start somewhere. Actually you have a fear of success yes i know what i’m saying, you have a fear of success not unsuccess. Because if you don’t get anything that means you are unsuccessful so you don’t have to lose anything at all because you are already unsuccessful.

Just work for success can give you the satisfaction that at least you tried and that’s the real ecstasy which gives you the real taste of success which only can taste by you, people judge you by your success but if you have tried hard and you know that you have given your best than believe me i call that REAL SUCCESS that means you know where you have been through and what you have been learned that experience taught you lot than the any immensely famous university of the world. Procrastination is the tough and hard door which opens the way to success.

So open it anyhow, success waits for you there. Start your work and don’t leave until it’s finished. Do one thing decide that i will not visit any social media till work has finished. Get a break during your work time but that’s for your relaxation not for chatting, check out videos on social media etc.Than go back to work again and believe me don’t do anything instead of your work during work hours you have thrown procrastination in the trash and your way towards success has started.



Make your TO-DO list for tomorrow in prior. Like I’m making my TO-DO list in the evening for tomorrow. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success so stick to your TO-DO list and follow it according to scheduled.

Keep the most important things in major priority and if you can hand over some work and you can reduce your burden then do it without fail. Like while going to the office you have to visit the electricity office for bill payment then you can ask someone who goes there or i would prefer for an online option.

By doing this you can save your lots of time and you can focus on the main things which are more important. During your work small small breaks are more useful to enhance your energy level and boost your same confidence like you started your day. It gives you less stress and more energy. According to one study you need a break after each 90 minutes of hard work. If you agree to do this then do hard for 90 minutes first then go for a break for 20 minutes.

Make a strong habit of not breaking the TO-DO list. Work is worship. That’s it.


By removing procrastination you can become amazing in your work from the average category. Procrastination is the wall which’s in the middle of average and amazing. You can jump over the wall and start amazing work. We all want immense success but are we really ready to sacrifice our luxury,freedom,comfortness etc. if the answer is yes then no one can stop you by getting success.Don’t forget that All amazing workers or experts were beginners one day. So what’s the difference between average and amazing workers. Average people have lots of excuses, reasons for their work, but an amazing or expert person even if he does not know how to do it but he will manage at any cost because he knows excuses and reasons break your visions. So break reason and achieve your vision and be amazing.


Keep yourself in the now or never situation and then think like it’s time to procrastinate procrastination. Believe in yourself first that i can do anything but you must be aware of what you want to do. Your biggest enemy in the world lies in you, who keep stopping to do such courageous and bravery goals. So first when deciding to do any work as I said earlier, divide it into small parts and before you start remember one thing that you will not procrastinate at any cost just move to the future and imagine these questions. Why are you doing this work? What will happen to you if not done in time? What about your reputation? Just think about these questions you will never procrastinate, And one most important thing is that don’t give any commitments if you could not keep your words. If you act like this believe me you can raise your value in your mind that’s most important than your clients or customers will take you seriously, they think if he says yes then he will do it definitely and in case of emergency they will come to you and pay you as much as you want, so say no to procrastination.


It happens that your willpower is strong enough but the environment doesn’t allow you to concentrate on your work. Now and then there are hurdles come to your way and reduce you pace of work and slowly slowly you lose your passion and love for your favourite work, see if you love your work you will manage at any how but some time it happens that you are really not able to figure it out that even if you love your work so much than why I’m not able to finish it. You just take a note and pen what is that makes me defocus, suppose you are blogger and you don’t have a computer so mobile is the option, you don’t have enough space at your home than go to the garden, library, terrace or any other places where you will get a peace to focus on your work, it doesn’t matter if that place is far away from your home but the peace you get that’s most important. And if you have good ambience at home then take care of peace,zoero distractions from family and keep your mobile and all apps on silent mode,if possible then i prefer to keep away your mobile during work hours. Mobile is for help not for harm.



Do you know why we should not share our dreams with anyone, because when you share them with your close friends or any family person or someone who closes to your heart, he or she will listen your idea and may be they will give their suggestions and you would rethink on your idea and your desperation for your vision will be blurry. You start doubting your own idea and there are possibilities to drop that idea and one day you realise someone did that what you had visualised. So please my friends stop sharing your ideas, let me give you a strong reason behind that, when you share your idea it’s just like an infant, it doesn’t enough grow up, first you work on your dream hard right now your dream is like a tower of play cards which can blown by anyone, so make your dream as strong as you can and than let the world see the results instead of their openios. Why does this relate to your procrastination? It’s one of the reasons behind procrastination, when you aren’t affected by anyone’s opinions then you will see you are unstoppable, full of positive energy and immense passion will be there in your attitude towards your work. Let me clear one thing you can discuss with the expert about your idea or discuss with a senior of that same field. But remember, discuss and opinions are just for reference. Eventually you have to follow your heart and believe in yourself. Noone can judge your caliber better than you.


Procrastination is not an addiction, it’s a choice, which you opt consciously. Here you can start your procrastination diet by choosing such things which you don’t like to do. Start to find out from morning to till you go to bed. Let me help you with such random facts which normally people avoid in their daily lives.

Arrange your bed and fold your bed sheet before you leave your bed.

Clean your teeth consciously not in drowsiness.

Do exercise regularly at least for 20-30 minutes a day.

Eat healthy and live healthy.

Love yourself .

Work smarter than harder. Etc.

Make your procrastination list. Now make a worksheet and overcome your procrastination habits. Each habit on each day. This is a nice way to overcome your procrastination and it will become your habit to find out the flaws and turn them into perfection. That affects your work and career as well.


Health is the only wealth, so don’t even try to compromise with your health at the cost of anything. Do exercises and keep your mind healthy, because very few people are aware of that exercise helps you not only for your body but also for your brain. When you exercise an ample amount of blood reaches your mind and it doesn’t happen when you don’t do any exercises. Being a healthy person your brain and body will fully support you to do your work and there you are reducing the chances of procrastination due to health issues. Don’t forget “ if you are determined to do something, you will find out your way even if the way is full of hurdles.


You are surrounded by saboteurs. Yes they can be in your family or in friends’ circles. People pulling your legs because they didn’t do such an impossible thing than they think you do also belong to their categories. Once you drop your goal,for a certain time either you are shattered or in a search of a new goal. But you have a replication of your past experience. Which pushes you to procrastinate on a new goal. So don’t get dominated by your past and start your day with new energy because the past has been past.

We all love our mother. Love your work like she is your mother.

One day I was rehearsing for my drama and one of the crew members went to buy something and he came with empty hands. I asked him what happened? He replied I visited 2-3 shops but didn’t get what you asked for. I answered him what if this stuff is your mother’s medicine?” In that condition also you did the same. He immediately runs to find out the stuff and after an hour he returns with a smile and regret. But that day everyone understood how to work with me. And what respect I give to my work. Work is worship…..


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